Someone's watching you
Tue Dec 11, 2012 22:40

Hello again, so soon. Have you ever had the feeling like some one is watching you? Do you think that the Kingfish and the gang ever stalked someone? I don't think it was ever that kind of show. A&A was a fun loving show that didn't need the kind of drama it received in 1951 and this site is a fine site today that dose not need the kind of utter non-sense it was force to endure in this discussion forum.

One person's head swelled because he thought he had a better opinion on subjects than anyone else. He seemed to me to be that selfish kid out of the the late forty's who would say that if you don't like what I say I'll just take my ball and bat and go home.

Some of the gang would follow him home not because they liked him very much but because he had toys and things to play with.

When I came to this site I thought everyone here was a fan of the show. I found out very quickly that I was wrong. The antagonist was already in place and he resented anyone coming to the site having a different opinion than his own.

The pundit that he is or thinks that he is has a wealth of information about A&A. When others attempted to make a statement on what they believe or thought, he or she would take a brutal tongue lashing that would send any body away dreading coming back ever again.

But at least two of us would hold our own. Our problem was that the antagonist bought the whole gang. He took them all to his house. This front door was left wide open.

He is curious, though, about this site. But why I don't know. He then, just before his "final" exit makes his attack on the owner of the site instead of just leaving. It's like he can't stay away until he completely destroys this A&A site.

Amazingly, the site is still functioning and we'll continue to do that even if we have to say hello a few more times, we are keeping the talk going about the most favorite show ever in TV history, the Amos & Andy show, of course.

  • A & ADanny, Tue Dec 11 04:34
    Hey dj, Looked who checked in with an admission he looks at the site! The one who knows everything is wrong that there are no postings about the show. At least the last 2 were. As far as my last... more
    • Someone's watching you — dj, Tue Dec 11 22:40
      • A & ADanny, Wed Dec 12 16:41
        dj, I cannot improve on this. This is a masterpiece! Well-said! AMEN brother! I knew they couldn't contain themselves and would monitor this site. I wonder if Harold is part of the 47%????
        • It's just about A&Adj, Thu Dec 20 10:44
          I remember some of the names that used to post on this site. It was quite a group everyone making whatever comment they knew how. But right or wrong that was his or her contribution to the site. If... more
          • A & ADanny, Mon Dec 24 20:13
            M E R R Y CHRISTMAS dj!! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! "Noel, Noel brother Andy"
          • A & ADanny, Thu Dec 20 16:07
            As always well said dj! You saw through all the arrogance. I agree with your sentiments completely! I hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas and a safe Christmas!
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