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Me? A stalker?
Thu Dec 13, 2012 13:44

That 47 per cent comment is the main reason why the great savior with loose lip sunk his own ship. It is just another example of why this web site went down the tubes. People don't want to see that pablum and bama bashing stuff on this web site. You two guys who try to shift the blame on me are just never going to realize everyone left because political attacks had no place on this forum. Thank goodness I have maintained a open line of communication with many of the former members and they send me articles and memorabilia of Amos and Andy and I reciprocate in return. The group do not want to return as long as Brackett continues to make his racism his priority.

Just want to make a few comments to DJ, he of the lower case. As usual, you don't do your homework before you make comments about Amos and Andy. You wrote "Do you think that the Kingfish and the gang ever stalked someone?
I guess that is a weak attempt to suggest me checking in once a year constitutes me stalking Danny and the DJ, the two leftover suckee uppers. The fact is Kingfish stalked his wife in several episodes, so take notes DJ and maybe you can include this valuable lesson in that so-called book you claimed you were writing but you have never done anything with. In the episode called Kingfish has a Baby, Kingfish and Andy stalk Sapphire because they thought she was having an affair. He tracked her to the Doctors office and then ascertained incorrectly she was having a baby. In another episode called Sapphire Disappears, Kingfish and Andy stalk Sapphire and even break into a house they thought she was in. In Quo Vadis, Kingfish and Andy stalk Sapphire when George thought Sapphire was having an affair with Wolf Jackson. In The Girl Upstairs, Kingfish and Andy again stalk Sapphire when he thinks she is having an affair. Kingfish also on several occasions had Lightnin follow Sapphire around. He even makes the comment "That's the fastest walking woman I ever did see" Next time DJ, check with me, and I will give you the real correct answers instead of relying on your assumptions. The swell headed guy as you refer to me as, will keep you well informed.

    • A & ADanny, Fri Dec 14 21:06
      Hey Harold, Have you forgotten about " Michael the Tailor"? Sapphire was getting Kingfish a tailor made suit and the Kingfish thought she was planning to have him killed. He and Andy were listening... more
    • A & ADanny, Fri Dec 14 04:43
      I will only address one comment and this will prove how lacking in logic you can be. Since when does stealing from someone and giving it to someone who has not earned it constitute racism? I will... more
    • HaroldRick, Thu Dec 13 21:35
      Harold's comments speak volumes for those of us that left. You seem to make sill statements like Harold brainwashed every one unto leaving. No you managed to do that on your own. Your constant... more
      • With HaroldGeorge, Fri Dec 14 11:10
        Thanks Rick, I agree with both You and Harold. George Brown
        • Re:GeorgeHarold, Fri Dec 14 16:26
          George, I want to thank you for sending me that autographed photo of Sapphire and the articles on Amos and Andy.
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