final report
Sat Dec 15, 2012 03:46

This will be my last post until maybe next year, so get whatever parting shots you want knowing I won't respond back Mr. Brackett. You don't mind me calling you Mr. Brackett do you or does it remind you of someone? There are several other Amos and Andy forums with message boards. I chose not to participate in any of them. At one time this message board had 500 members and Mr. Brackett was one of the first ones to join. He has a pretty good knowledge of Amos and Andy, mostly from the radio episode aspects. The message board was created by Schutz as a homage for his love of the televised episodes of Amos and Andy. This stemmed from watching them on television as a youngster. The message board was proliferated with comments and was a fun site to visit and interact. But slowly members lost interest and Mr. Brackett and DJ would like to say people left because of me. In fact, the complete opposite is true. It was turned into a political sounding board for Brackett's personal attacks on anyone he perceived as even slightly liberal. I have posted some of his past postings where he espouses his hatred of anyone not conservative and I will post more. Many of these horrible attacks date back as far as 2005.
What is typical of this type of hatred is a contradictory, straddling the fence type personality. Brackett has many times posted glowing review of my knowledge of Amos and Andy from the televised episodes. He has even come to my defense several times in the past when other members posted something negative about me. I know he is denying this right now because he despises me, but I will corroborate this with his own printed words. I will show three examples of this reprobate as: 1. A man who can't say enough about how he admires Harold and his knowledge on the subject of Amos and Andy. 2. As a man who despises Harold because he says Harold does not know as much as he thinks he knows about the subject of Amos and Andy. 3. I will show Brackett evidently has a split personality consisting of a paranoid bi-polar, low self-esteem individual with tendencies to exhibit grandiose compartmentalization by bashing anyone not receptive to his ideology.
In the past, I voluntarily left the Amos and Andy message board because I felt my confrontations with other persons was distracting from the good of the message board. By leaving,I was man enough to show the forum was more important than bringing it down to one-on-one flame war battles of the words. Many dozens of members implored me repeatedly during my absence to return including Brackett and DJ. The postings were few and far during the time I was not participating. When I returned, so did the response from the members. Then after another year or so, Brackett really went off the deep end when Obama began his first campaign for the Presidency. The forum took a turn for the worse and became his personal sounding board and attack platform. Read just a few of his comments and tell me these are appropriate and relevant to Amos and Andy. This message board is staid and stagnated because of this and this alone. Brackett and DJ like to say it was me who caused the mass exodus but they both know that without my input and expertise on the subject, no one is interested in these two transforming the message board into a slightly nauseating, unsettling display of affection for each other. The funny thing is Danny Brackett may love DJ on this web site but he won't be inviting the "brother" to dinner as long as his other friends will be present. Guess who is Not coming to dinner. Send Brackett a photo of yourself and tell him who you voted for.

This message board will remain dead because I will never return and neither will the nucleus return. New members are non-existent because they see what Brackett and DJ post brown-nosing and immediately lose interest. I could try to build it back up to it's former respectability but I refuse to do so as long as acid-tongue Brackett continues to hold the page hostage to his extremist biased and prejudiced viewpoints. It's been three years now since the Amos and Andy group page was destroyed by Danny Brackett. He will never be apolegetic. Unlike me, he will not do what is in the best interest of the group page and leave like I did. DJ is an enabler and encourages him and I fault him just as much. With that, here are just a few more volatile statements posted by Mr. Brackett in the past and the second set is his admiration and respect for me before he reverted me to his hit list. Notice how he comes to my defense against others who attacked me. You just can't trust a person who flip flops back and forth because they have no credibility or stability.
With that, I am out of here for another year of monitoring or should I say stalking?

    • Coming to DinnerDanny, Sun Dec 16 11:34
      Harold, Congrats as I am sure you know it is illegal to practice medicine and psychological therapy without a license. You are wrong again. dj is welcome in my home anytime but you are not. Also,... more
    • A & AA & A, Sun Dec 16 05:39
      Thank you for the offer to stay away but I have heard it many times before. I wish we could take you at your word. Harold, why don't you take a look at yourself. You are arrogant and act like no one... more
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