Coming to Dinner
Sun Dec 16, 2012 11:34


Congrats as I am sure you know it is illegal to practice medicine and psychological therapy without a license.

You are wrong again. dj is welcome in my home anytime but you are not. Also, your white, guilt ridden, do gooder disciples are not either.

By the way, you have called me a racist many times. What exactly is your definition of a racist beyond someone who opposes tax cuts and entitlements? Also, what do you call a person of color that agrees with these sentiments and does not happen to be in lock step agreement with you and your devotees?

  • final reportHarold, Sat Dec 15 03:46
    This will be my last post until maybe next year, so get whatever parting shots you want knowing I won't respond back Mr. Brackett. You don't mind me calling you Mr. Brackett do you or does it remind... more
    • Coming to Dinner — Danny, Sun Dec 16 11:34
    • A & AA & A, Sun Dec 16 05:39
      Thank you for the offer to stay away but I have heard it many times before. I wish we could take you at your word. Harold, why don't you take a look at yourself. You are arrogant and act like no one... more
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