Hello Danny
Sat Jul 20, 2013 18:58

I'm still here. I've been a lot pre-occupied I guess with substance in my life. But it's all good. Hey, I lost my VCR's I had on A&A and the movie Song of the South. Sure would like to get another. Do you know where I can get my hands on another set. If so let me know.

I really guess that I had had enough of the bickering going on the site. Whether I was the "bickeror" or not my thoughts are directed in another direction.

If you know where I can find those VCR's or CD's again let me know. I'd love to have them again.

Your Pal

  • A & ADanny, Sat Jul 6 16:53
    Hey dj, I miss hearing from you. What you up to buddy?
    • Hello Danny — dj, Sat Jul 20 18:58
      • A & ADanny, Wed Jul 24 20:02
        Hey dj great to hear from you! I will look around for the episodes you are looking for and get back to you. I will always appreciate the way you were able to look past all the superficial,... more
        • Amos n AndyDanny, Sat Jan 11 11:33
          What's up dj let me hear from you!
        • That would be greatdj, Thu Jul 25 11:23
          Hi Danny, that would be great. Every now and then I have that desire to review Song of the South again. I let my sister view it a few years ago and never go it back. She's forgiven though because she ... more
          • Amos n AndyDanny, Sat Sep 28 11:32
            hey dj, been listening to Amos n Andy on my cell phone. Never laughed so much in my life. i am not going to cite the episodes or the details because I don't care to hear comments and/or directions... more
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