Lost episodes
Sat Jan 3, 2015 22:47

I heard about this. Glad you checked in because I was wondering if you heard. The episode I would love to see is "Andy Goes Into Business", the one about the donuts..Remember seeing it as a kid. Very funny.

  • lost episodes foundHarold, Sat Jan 3 09:22
    Just making my once a New Year check in. This time I am pleased to announce that two more lost Amos N Andy episodes have been finally found. "The Fur Coat" and "Sapphire's Sister" are the latest lost ... more
    • Amos n AndyDanny, Mon Jan 5 05:07
      Wasn't the horses name "Come Later?"
    • Lost episodes — Richard, Sat Jan 3 22:47
      • Re:lost episodesHarold, Tue Mar 24 17:03
        Richard, if you have not seen and would like to see the two lost episodes Sapphire's Sister and The Fur Coat, I will send them to you for free. E-Mail me an address and name to send them to.... more
        • lost episodesRICHARD, Wed Apr 8 09:43
          Thanks Harold. I really enjoyed watching the two lost episodes after all these years. I really appreciate it. Did you find any other Amos & Andy groups that you can recommend? Richard
          • Amos & Andy Restitutionphilcord, Tue May 10 21:18
            Archival Television has the audio to the Amos & Andy episode Restitution, they say. Has anyone heard it. I have not.
          • Amos & Andy Restitutionphilcord, Tue May 10 21:12
            Archival Television has the audio to the Amos & Andy episode Restitution, they say. Has anyone heard it. I have not.
            • RestitutionHarold, Thu May 12 13:26
              Yes, Archival Television say they do have Restitution but unfortunately, only 10 minutes of the audio of the show was preserved. They will sell you that short segment but what good is that in my... more
          • Amos N Andy groupsHarold, Thu Apr 9 10:39
            Hi Richard. Glad you enjoyed the two latest videos that were recently discovered. I have sent copies of the two videos to 4 other friends that used to be on this website before it was systematically... more
            • A&A pageharold, Fri May 17 16:39
     Hey Richard. There's a link to another group but people rarely post. There is a second one but I have to find it and send you the link to that one.... more
              • HaroldRichard, Tue May 21 16:22
                Hi. I did get a notification about your post about who are still alive related to Amos & Andy. I'm not sure how all this posting works. It would be nice to be able to contact you once in awhile... more
                • direct contactHarold, Wed May 22 18:41
                  there's my email address.
                  • emailHarold, Wed May 22 18:42
            • lost episodesFrank Pizziketti, Fri Apr 10 21:48
              Danny I would sure like copies of your two lost episodes. Would gladly send blank dvd's and pay for postage both ways. Frank
            • A & ADanny, Fri Apr 10 06:26
              you must be seeing things i don't see. I haven't seen anything like that forever.
          • A & ADanny, Thu Apr 9 04:52
            Richard since you are i California dj may be a good resource. he is in Southern California.
            • Hello Dannydj, Tue Mar 13 18:42
              Nice to hear something of you. Yes, I'm in California. I was recently checking out the sight. There has been much talk about the li' Rascals I guess, but I don't think I'd be interested in... more
              • Re: Hello DannyAnonymous, Wed Mar 14 09:27
                That message from the guy who calls himself Danny is close to three years old. There has not been much talk about the Little Rascals despite what DJ said. In fact it is extremely rare for anyone to... more
        • Lost episodesRICHARD, Wed Mar 25 13:24
          Thanks Harold. RICHARD PALMER 845 N. 14TH ST SAN JOSE, CA 95112
          • A & ADanny, Mon Mar 30 08:40
            Thanks Richard!
        • A & ADanny, Wed Mar 25 05:09
          Was the race horse name "Come Later"?
      • Lost episodesHarold, Sun Jan 4 16:49
        Let's see, we still have the lost episodes of "The Fur Coat", "Restitution" and "The Race Horse", and the one Richard mentioned, "Andy Goes into Business"
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