Re: Nudity
Wed Aug 17, 2016 09:25

There were several incidents of nudity in The Little Rascals, which you can read about here.

In one scene, Alfalfa and the bully Butch are fighting, when the audience pulls off Butch's clothes, so he is nude.

  • NudityJerry, Fri Jan 9 21:44
    Do you remember those Coppertone sun-tan lotion ads that featured a dog pulling at a girls pants and exposing her untanned buttocks? To the best of my knowledge that wasn't even considered... more
    • Re: Nudity — Anonymous, Wed Aug 17 09:25
      • Re: NudityAnonymous, Mon Sep 5 17:09
        In 1960, Disney released the movie "Pollyanna", where the opening sequence is a 12-year-old boy skinny-dipping. In the film, they show him nude from the back. However, when they were shooting the... more
    • CoppertoneAnn, Sat Jan 10 13:21
      I remember those ads, and they weren't considered controversial back then. Somewhere along the line they disappeared, but whether it was just time for a new ad or because it was decided at a later... more
      • naked girlsHarold, Sun Jan 11 05:30
        The Coppertone girl ad was just a drawn picture caricature of a little girl. Some people thought that was cute. That is not the same as showing a real live girl getting her pants pulled down. Did the ... more
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