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Mon Sep 5, 2016 17:09

In 1960, Disney released the movie "Pollyanna", where the opening sequence is a 12-year-old boy skinny-dipping. In the film, they show him nude from the back. However, when they were shooting the film, the cameraman filmed the young boy’s penis. In postproduction, they edited that out. Today, you can go on the Internet and watch the original, unedited footage showing the 12-year-old actor’s penis. Whenever they make a movie they film a lot more footage than they use. They have multiple takes. In this case, they filmed hours of footage of the naked boy. In the original footage, you see close-up shots of his penis. When they made the movie in 1960, they never imagined in the future anyone would see the unedited footage. In the 1973 movie "Tom Sawyer", Tom and Huck are skinny-dipping. The child actors were nude. They have multiple camera shooting from different directions, so there were always cameras filming their penis. In the 1968 movie "Oliver!" based on the musical, the child actor playing Oliver appeared in the nude. They filmed the child actor's penis. In the past, it was common for child actors to do nude scenes, and they would always film the child actor's penis, knowing that later the shots of his penis would edited out of the final version of the film. Today, you can go on the Internet and watch the unedited footage of the film showing the child actor's penis. Often, you can see very close-up shots of the child actor's penis.

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    There were several incidents of nudity in The Little Rascals, which you can read about here. In one scene, Alfalfa and the... more
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