"Ruby Begonia"
Tue Nov 1, 2016 10:19

As I recall it, Kingfish asked Amos, "Do the name Ruby Begonia strike a familiar note?" in an "Amos & Andy" radio episode in the 1940s or 1950s. I never heard the name, again, so I don't know if Ruby was a real character, or not. Great show from back when races and nationalities made fun of THEMSELVES. The Irish had "Life of Riley," the Italians had, "Life with Luigi" and the blacks (they preferred "Negroes", back then) had "Amos and Andy." The other two were pretty good but "A & A" topped them all.

  • Ruby BegoniaBlazz, Thu Dec 6 14:43
    Was there a character on Amos n' Andy by the name of Ruby Begonia? If so, I would love to learn more. If not, does anyone know where the question "Does the name Ruby Begonia strike a familiar note?"... more
    • "Ruby Begonia" — Bob, Tue Nov 1 10:19
      • Ruby BegoniaHarold, Wed Nov 2 15:52
        I know for a fact that the term Ruby Begonia was never used in any of the TV show episodes of Amos and Andy. I know every one of the available episodes by heart, word for word. I also have never... more
        • Ruby BegoniaJerry C. Stanaway, Wed Nov 2 21:39
          I used to hear people say, "Does the name Ruby Begonia strike a familiar note?" on ROWAN AND MARTIN'S LAUGH-IN but never associated it with Amos'n'Andy. I'm also not certain why that question was... more
    • Re: Ruby BegoniaSky Masterson, Fri Dec 7 09:44
      The short answer is "No," it doesn't have an A&A connection. Flip Wilson used it in a comedy routine, and Sammy Davis Jr. and Pigmeat Markham might have used it on "Laugh-In." If you page back far... more
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