Re: Amos 'n Andy Missing Episodes
Fri Aug 11, 2017 14:29

It wasn't Andy who bit into the donut with the nail. It was some relative or in-law of the Kingfish, who ends up stuck with the bill for the dental work. Nice karmic twist..

  • Amos 'n Andy Missing Episodespizza2, Sun May 9 18:09
    I have a DVD set that has 6 missing episodes. From everything I have been reading, the following episodes are missing: 1. "Restitution" 2. Sapphire's Mysterious Admirer" 3. Andy Goes Into Business"... more
    • Re: Amos 'n Andy Missing Episodes — Whitt, Fri Aug 11 14:29
      • A & ADanny, Mon Aug 14 10:49
        yes that is correct!
    • lost episodeHoward Madden, Wed Dec 2 07:19
      years ago there was a man selling a 16 mm copy of "Restitution" on e-bay. They were taken bids. I bid to the last minute and lost out to another bidder. This copy of Amos $ Andy "Restitution" is out... more
    • Two missing episodes found end of 2014.Jenny, Tue Dec 1 11:19
      If anyone is still following this thread. Two more "missing" episodes were found October and December 2014. Fur Coat and Sapphire's Sister.
      • lost episodesFrank Pizziketti, Tue Dec 1 11:31
        How can I get copies of the recently discovered missing episodes?
        • episodeshar1old, Wed Dec 2 09:53
          Frank, you can see the episodes on youtube. If you want your own copies, I will send them to you for free. contact har1old@aol.com
    • Missing EpisodesA Real Andy, Mon Nov 18 02:15
      Hi, I am probably among A&A’s biggest fans. It seems every outfit who sells the A&A DVD's has the same episodes. Some number 72 (the one I have from a Canadian producer) others claim to have 74. But... more
      • Amos n AndyDanny, Wed Nov 20 20:07
        Thanks for the post. Gratifying that the site is moving right along without the self-appointed authorities!
    • Amos 'n Andy Missing episode "Restitution"Phil Kolber, Fri Jan 25 13:07
      I remember the episode "Restitution". There is a car chase in it. This is where Kingfish says to Andy or Andy say to Kingfish "We've got to simonize are watches". Also "This is giving me a migrating... more
      • “Restitution”Real Andy, Mon Nov 18 02:23
        Phil, not sure about that... I know the line “We've got to Simonize our watches...” comes up in the episode where Kingfish sells Sapphire’s fur coat to Andy and Andy’s girl and Sapphire both wear the ... more
      • Amos & AndyDanny, Sat Jan 26 08:57
        Hey dj, This is great! New people checking into this site all the time! That old crowd said you and I were the only ones on this site. Sure do hope they are still trolling and find out for themselves!
        • I hear all the chatter...dj, Sun Jan 27 15:11
          Hey, Danny. I hear all the chatter and it all seems to be pro A&A and very positive. Folks are doing research and finding new points regarding A&A. None of the innuendos are made that had a tendency... more
          • Amos n AndyDanny, Sun Jan 27 16:17
            Hey dj, Is your son in mourning? The Lakers are not doing too well? I have a good memory!
            • Ha ha hadj, Wed Jan 30 19:44
              Yes, he's in pretty bad shape Danny. I'm trying to pick him up with some episodes of A&A. They used to work but not now. I'm gonna keep trying though.
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