Jonathan Lewis
Rascals nude
Sat Mar 10, 2018 17:03

Actually there was a recurring gag in several episodes where some boys would be riding on go cart or multi rider bicycle and would go crashing through a thorn bush. Their clothes would be torn off and we saw them from the side. Although their fronts and backs were not visible, they did appear to be naked.

  • Nudity in Little RascalsSandra, Mon Jan 5 12:25
    I need someone to settle a bet for me. It is off the subject a little and concerns the Little Rascals. At a party over New Years, we got to talking about old shows like The Little Rascals, and one... more
    • Rascals nude — Jonathan Lewis, Sat Mar 10 17:03
    • Re: Nudity in Little RascalsAnonymous, Sat Jan 17 08:41
      I remember in the mid 70s watching the Little Rascal reruns as a child and seeing a scene that this discussion has brought back to my memory. It was scene where the kids were putting on a play/talent ... more
      • Re: Nudity in Little RascalsAnonymous, Fri Apr 9 02:34
        Yes - I saw it in 1985. I was just 14 and I was VERY surprised!!!
      • "nudity" in the rascalssharon, Wed Mar 11 12:12
        The short you are talking about is "Beginner's Luck" with the mom getting stripped. Basically what happens is she forces Spanky into a talent show and through her own thick headedness and pride she... more
    • Little RascalsJohn Miller, Tue Jan 6 16:15
      My family owned a movie theatre from 1937 to 1979. The Little Rascals were regularly featured at dad's theatre. Both mom and dad were deeply religious (and patriotic). I am certain that if nudity... more
      • Rascal nudityHarold, Tue Jan 6 18:52
        I do have an answer and it may surprise you. I would like to hear a few more opinions before I confirm or deny this. Actually I am just stalling for time till I go can back and look at the episodes.... more
    • little rascalsJerry, Mon Jan 5 21:27
      I actually think I did see a nude bathing scene in one of the silent episodes-I don't remember which one.
      • one maybeSandra, Tue Jan 6 08:28
        I may be in trouble on my $10 bet. That is one vote for a yes or at least a possibility. Anyone else got any input?
        • Tush?Ann, Wed Jan 7 07:52
          I have no idea, and Harold will provide the answer, so I am just guessing. Maybe there was a glimpse of a bare tush in a swimming scene?
          • Re:TushesSandra, Wed Jan 7 08:41
            I am not sure what constitutes nudity. Most all R-rated movies show breasts and rear ends of females. It used to be an automatic X rating if male frontal nudity was shown but now you can even get... more
            • Re:TushesAnn, Thu Jan 8 08:10
              I don't know why anything like that in movies or TV for kids either, but Hollywood didn't always do things that were sensible. I can do without the nudity in adult movies--leave it to our... more
              • Sort of nudity episodeHarold, Fri Jan 9 05:22
                Ok, I am ready to give what I think is what the New Year's guy was talking about. It seems that Ann had the right answer after all. If this is what is considered nudity, it is the closest I could... more
                • That must be itSandra, Fri Jan 9 11:36
                  That must be the nudity my friend is talking about. Technically, it is not nudity but I will pay up on my bet because I would never have thought they would have showed even the bare butt like that of ... more
                  • Re: That must be itCarol, Mon Jan 12 00:35
                    I guess things and people were just more innocent back then. I saw a movie from the mid 1930s on Turner Classic Movies one night and there was a scene where a mother is bathing her little boy, who... more
                    • NudityJerry, Tue Jan 13 06:39
                      My entire family used to visit nudist camps when I was a child, so I am a person who was not raised to believe that nudity is unacceptable.
                  • NudityJerry, Fri Jan 9 21:44
                    Do you remember those Coppertone sun-tan lotion ads that featured a dog pulling at a girls pants and exposing her untanned buttocks? To the best of my knowledge that wasn't even considered... more
                    • Re: NudityAnonymous, Wed Aug 17 09:25
                      There were several incidents of nudity in The Little Rascals, which you can read about here. In one scene, Alfalfa and the... more
                    • CoppertoneAnn, Sat Jan 10 13:21
                      I remember those ads, and they weren't considered controversial back then. Somewhere along the line they disappeared, but whether it was just time for a new ad or because it was decided at a later... more
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