John Miller 345
Mrs. Stewart
Sat May 18, 2019 08:52

Harold you are correct (as always!) . Her name is Edna Stewart. She turned 101 in 2019 and is alive and doing well.

She resides with her daughter Valarie Stewart. Valarie manages Ebony Showcase Theatre that Nick and Edna Stewart started in 1950.
Ebony Showcase Theatre was the first, largest and most advanced oral history collection on the history of television. Many live performances occurred there. On youtube you can see many of the televised shows that were filmed there.

The entire complex that had housed the Ebony Showcase organization was taken in eminent domain by the Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency. The theater edifice was demolished in 1998, the rest of the complex was demolished, building-by-building.

This action resulted in Nick Stewart's health deteriorating. He passed on December 18, 2000.

Valarie keeps the Ebony Showcase Theatre alive via website and ongoing efforts to thwart further unnecessary demolition of important historic sites. She is also a pet advocate and works with the humane society in Los Angeles.

  • Mrs. StewartHarold, Fri May 10 10:33
    I think Nick Stewarts wife is Edna, not Edith like I posted earlier
    • Mrs. Stewart — John Miller 345, Sat May 18 08:52
    • Hi HaroldRichard, Sat May 11 10:35
      Good to see a post from you. Thought this forum was dead in the water. Any news on newly discovered episodes? I would love to see the Donut shop episode again (Andy Goes into Business?). Hope you... more
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