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Thu Feb 25, 2010 8:38am

Gee, I was glad to see this......I'm at 3 mos. and 5 mos., respectively, with 2 new hips and have been wondering when I'd be able to do the socks again with ease. I do still use the sock tool, but not all socks cooperate.

  • soap/bendingRitzr35, Wed Feb 24 6:15am
    I never dropped things nearly as much as when I wasn't supposed to bend down! The best thing was the razor that I made to shave my legs. I duck taped a little disposal razor to the end of a ruler and ... more
    • socks — elly, Thu Feb 25 8:38am
      • socksirene h, Fri Feb 26 12:33pm
        I got socks that are made for diabetics with no elastic ( or very little) got them at Walmart but i see them at CVS too. For underwear i actually wore men's boxer shorts as i couldn't stand anything... more
      • Re: sockscarol from canada, Fri Feb 26 9:05am
        Ellie, you need socks with minimal elastic. I bought special underwear and socks for THR. I wore the French cut of underwear that wouldn't rub on the scar. I also bought the cheapest socks I could... more
        • underwearelly, Fri Feb 26 9:27am
          Carol, You're exactly right on the underwear....and I'll find some new socks!
          • Help! Underwear/Pants Sunny, Sat Feb 27 3:07am
            How do u actually put on your underwear/pants without bending forward too much or bending your knees upwards? Sorry, but this has been a major challenge for me. Help!
            • Re: Help! Underwear/Pants Sybil from Ontario, Sat Feb 27 12:03pm
              Use your reacher. It also helps to wear looser underwear and clothing for a while. For my first I found lightweight pants with drawstring waists were perfect. I had to be dressed for rehab so having... more
              • ThanksSunny, Sat Mar 13 4:00am
                Thanks a million all of you, for your encouragement and helpful advice.
            • getting dressedelly, Sat Feb 27 10:43am
              I sit and hold one side of either with a grabber or a dressing stick. I still have to use the dressing stick to get most of my socks off as well.
            • Re: Help! Underwear/Pants carol from canada, Sat Feb 27 10:21am
              Use your reacher. You can pull them half way up with the reacher, then stand and you'll easily be able to grab them and complete the job - all with no bending at the waist. Some people use a dressing ... more
            • Re: Help! Underwear/Pants Barbara L., Sat Feb 27 8:02am
              You use a grabber to hold the panty or whatever you're putting on. Step into it with your operative leg first then switch the grabber to the other side and step into that side. Pull up with the... more
              • hip replacement precautionsdg48, Fri May 3 1:47pm
                Yes yes yes do the precautions. Had hip replacement after a far the end of march. I did the precautions until felt like myself. Not long enough. Did not think about actual physical aspects... more
      • socks/shoessteffi, Thu Feb 25 5:02pm
        i'm almost at 8 months since my lthr. i have to get in a slightly odd position to get my socks on and lace my shoes. i sort of have to bend at the knee while sitting and bring the knee toward my body ... more
        • washing my feetelly, Thu Feb 25 5:13pm
          Oh shucks! I've totally given up foot washing for the near future!
          • washing of the feet irene h, Fri Feb 26 12:37pm
            i used a long handled sponge but i also used as someone else said a soapy washcloth on the floor of the tub. then i kind of fanned my legs and feet with the towel when i got out of the shower. then... more
            • coping with challengesElly, Fri Feb 26 12:59pm
              Gosh this site is packed with great why didn't I think of the powder!
              • Re: coping with challengesirene h, Fri Feb 26 1:07pm
                hi elly i used powder on my sock puller too so the sock slid off more easily. i got such useful info from this site from my THR 2 1/2 yrs ago that i check in daily to pass along tricks i used to cope ... more
                • hippy alumniElly, Fri Feb 26 1:27pm
                  It can't be said often enough what a great resource this gang provides.
                  • hipstersirene h, Fri Feb 26 3:40pm
                    hippies rule !!! (as does this site)
          • Re: washing my feetcarol from canada, Fri Feb 26 9:09am
            I think that if you stay in the shower long enough your feet will get some of the benefit without actually washing them. I think I used to put a soapy washcloth on the floor of the bathtub and just... more
      • socks - ellyEley, Thu Feb 25 12:41pm
        Hi, I had my thr on 4th December so am 12 weeks now. I have to go back to work on Monday so have been trying to dress myself in preparation the first day I couldn't get my sock on the foot where I... more
        • Eley & sockselly, Thu Feb 25 3:14pm
          Good luck to you too!
    • soap/bendingirene h, Wed Feb 24 8:16am
      Hello Ritzr35 I totally love the suggestion of a razor on a ruler !! excellent
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