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anterior hip replacement and numbness
Sun May 1, 2011 11:01am

Rule of thumb seems to be that it takes about 1 year for all the challenges to go away...assuming the implant is still in place properly and there is no infection.

As for me, I had the anterior approach. My surgeon told me last week -if you have had a revision after a failed implant (as I did when the bone didn't grow into it the first time) it will take 2 years.

I started physical therapy this week - and that seems to help my aching and limping. I am 7.5 months post my revision. There is a major difference in feeling when I exercise the right leg and the left leg. Seems related to the gluteus medius muscle.

This is a much more major operation that I thought it would be.

Hang in there!


  • Anterior Hip Replacementjam, Sat Apr 30 6:46pm
    It's 6.5 months since my right hip replacement (Anterior) and my thigh from incision down to above knee and in the back of thigh area is still VERY NUMB. Doc says this is Normal and will go away in... more
    • NumbnessLeslie, Tue Jan 10 8:53am
      It has been a month ... Right hip anterior . Had the left hip done a year ago ....but now I have numbness from my knee down to the top of my foot. My scar is VERY hard ... Going to PT ... But... more
      • Numbness/Nerve DamageRebeccaG, Wed Jan 11 7:54pm
        Here's what I know. Nerves take 1 month to regenerate for every 1 cm that is damaged. This is per my orthopedic surgeon and the neurologist that I saw after my surgery. My sciatic nerve was stretched ... more
    • Re: Anterior Hip ReplacementStevenewhip10, Sun May 1 9:00pm
      It's been 5 months for my thr Right side anterior. I feel great! numbestess now. I did have some discomfort when I slept on my right side but now that's not that big a deal. It does take some time,... more
      • anterior hipshaneins, Sat Mar 1 6:00pm
        2 weeks out of surgery, using a walker, numbness in thigh, feels like i have a lump in thigh. Does all this sound normal. i know it has only been 2 weeks what should i look forward to .
    • Re: Anterior Hip ReplacementStevenewhip10, Sun May 1 8:59pm
      It's been 5 months for my the. Right side anterior. I feel great! No numb ess now. I did have some discomfort when I slept on my right side but now that's not that big a deal. It does take some time, ... more
    • anterior hip replacement and numbness — Judy, Sun May 1 11:01am
      • Burning Pain. Wen, Tue Mar 10 12:59pm
        I am almost 2 years out from having my hip replaced. I have recently started having severe burning in my right upper leg, just around where the incision was made. I have not checked or informed the... more
      • Judy anteriorMary, Mon May 2 12:31am
        Judy, did you have an anterior done the first time? and then again the second?
        • anterior Judy, Tue May 3 6:27am
          Hi Mary, Yes, I had the anterior approach both times. He went right back into the same incision. It's a little indented now and a tad puffy at about one inch from the top, but otherwise OK. The first ... more
          • Judy/Anteriorsharon, Wed May 4 12:26am
            Judy, I had a posterior but I don't think that's the problem. My surgical leg is extremely weak. I can't push the leg press plate even a teensy bit with the one leg. I can't walk up steps using both... more
            • Sharon - leg weakness.Judy, Fri May 6 9:49pm
              Did you have any P.T. at all? I just had 5 at home visits after my surgery. But it seems that sometimes a person needs real extensive P.T. - especially, I hear when there is a revision. Did you go... more
              • Judy/leg weaknesssharon, Fri May 6 10:02pm
                Judy, I went to PT twice and was given stretch bands to use to exercise at home. I bought tube bands too and go to the gym on a regular basis. I do exercises for the abductors with the bands,... more
                • Sharon, leg weaknessJudy, Sat May 7 2:47pm
                  Hi Sharon, Well, so, far I have received no bands, so I will wait to see what these exercises they are giving me do. I felt the same way as you when I was told I could take an Advil or such. I asked... more
                • TheraBands for Strength jam , Sat May 7 12:34pm
                  I've been using TheraBands for quite a few years...I use the Dark Grey Color and for an ole gal am pretty toned and strong. My hip surgeon saw that in me and probably a major reason why I didn't go... more
    • Re: Anterior Hip ReplacementAnonymous, Sun May 1 8:59am
      This is a relatively common side effect of the anterior approach - some form of bruising to the subcutaneous femoral nerve. I have my operation in 2007 and had this. It has no effect on mobility and... more
      • Numbness Ramona , Sun Jul 9 10:33pm
        I am only 2 wks post surgery and my entire right side and part of the front of my right thigh is numb. My question is, how soon were you able to drive? Becuae this is my driving leg and have 3 small... more
    • answer to questionAndrea, Sun May 1 8:34am
      If the numbness has not gone away within a year of having your operation done, it will stay the same has it is now. The reason for it happening is damage to the nerves whilst having the operation... more
      • Hip Replacement jam, Sun May 1 11:37am
        Thanks for more insights on the NUMBNESS, I have talked to others re: surgeries and some have said they still have numbness years after surgery. Any surgery for that matter. On the back issues, I... more
    • what do other docs say?jackie vno, Sun May 1 6:43am
      Jam, I guess, depending on what other of the anterior-approach-hipsters say about this, should determine your course of action. I had and antero-lateral approach (incision about 9" along beginning... more
      • numbnessMary, Mon May 2 12:27am
        I am just about six months out from my 4th revision, and my entire thigh is numb on the outer aspect. I doubt its going to change much now, and I guess I shall just have to live with it, its better... more
        • Numbness/Marysharon, Tue May 3 12:24am
          Mary, When I had my surgery I used to kid around and say that it felt that I was carrying a typewriter on my thigh! Anyway, I've read that it can take up to a year or more for nerves to regenerate.... more
          • femoral nerve damageremcc, Wed Mar 27 4:22pm
            I am 6.5 months after anterior approach hip surgery. my hip has done great BUT I have numbness on the front of my thigh over my knee and lower inside leg. balance is a big worry as i have almost... more
            • Numbness after thrLcp, Thu Sep 19 7:48am
              I had a left thr 1 year ago. At the time my left leg was so numb it would not sustain my weight (160 lbs) over the past year progress was sooo slow but it is getting better. When sitting I could not... more
              • anterior or posteriorEileen Winkler, Fri Sep 20 9:41am
                Did you have anterior THR? Wondering if numbness only comes with anterior THr eILEEN
                • ThrLcp, Sat Sep 21 3:20am
                  Yes, I did have the anterior approach. But more than anything I wanted you to know that it is very slow but it does get better.
          • numbness/ sharonMary, Tue May 3 12:29am
            I will Sharon, although I doubt its going to chnage much now. it just feels a bit weird when the dogs jump on my legs or something brushes up against it. I can live with it, the same happened the... more
        • revisionsjam, Mon May 2 9:16pm
          I had my first HRT 6.5 months ago, anterior right hip, and I'm 73 soon. Does this mean I could have to have it done again down the road?
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