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Depuy trilock THR
Tue Sep 6, 2011 2:29pm

Hello, my name is Nancy and I am 55 yrs. old. Though I have been following along, somewhat, on this site, I have never posted. Due to osteoarthritis, I had a Depuy trilock replacement surgery done, on 2/23.10. To make a long story short,It has been wrecking havoc, on me, both mentally and physically. From, practically, Day 1, with the slightest of movement, I have ewperienced alot of "popping" sensations- which my Dr. said, were just from, "inflammation". I have been experiencing alot of pain in my groin, my thigh, and surrounding my entire hip area- and on the lower right side of my back. At onepoint, I was given a shot of cortisone, and pretty much, informed how miraculous this would help. My cobalt and chromium levels are on the rise, and the phsicians assist. insinuated that I may be "sensitive" to the metals. My hair is falling out by the handfulls, my mind is "muddled"-can't remember things, as simple as names, I have headaches, cannot even tolerate eating food- and the list just goes on... I am now- finally- scheduled for a "revision", using ceramic on plastic, for Sept, 27th. Truthfully, I am terrified. I am trying to find out, if this new implant is "okay", and am hoping that some of you, may have had some experience with this type? And last, but certainly, not least- I remember reading somewhere, on here, about, a "list" of lawyers? I am thinking that I should contact one, BEFORE I go through with this revision surgery! Thankyou, for being here.

  • Informative link on C.O. jam, Mon Sep 5 7:24pm
    • Depuy trilock THR — Nancy, Tue Sep 6 2:29pm
      • Nancy re- Lawyersmary, Wed Sep 7 1:05am
        Nancy, I really hope all goes well for you this time, however I don't see how contacting a lawyer is going to help, the surgeon couldn't have predicted you were going to be this sensitive to Metals.... more
        • dealing wth legal stuff is horrific jam, Wed Sep 7 12:14pm
          for sure, but if the parts were of the defective ones, that sure sounds like a legal thing to me. There is info on this site on the 93,000+ recalls and legal info. Adding legal pain is makes things... more
          • FDA stamp of approval jam, Wed Sep 7 12:37pm
            the FDA is a necessary agency, but so much that they approve do turn out to be damaging to our bodies; drugs, apparatus, etc....Just a thought there on the FDA.
          • It's the Dupuy.....Micnelle, Wed Sep 7 12:27pm
            ASR system that was recalled, not the trilock. Different systems. The Dupuy trilock has a 98% success rate. Why are you advocating something that a quick google will tell you what the recall is? The... more
            • Whoops.....Micnelle, Wed Sep 7 12:33pm
              my bad....I didn't find a trilock recall when I went looking. Maybe I missed it. However, the OP needs to deal with her hip problems first and foremost. She does not need to be dealing with lawyers... more
              • Re: Whoops.....Julie, Sun Nov 23 12:21am
                98 percent success rate...not 100.. so 2 percent of patients who have a trilock hip are not worth the time.And as far as legal advice why would anyone tell someone to not worry about it unless you... more
      • Nancy/so sorry to hear all this jam, Tue Sep 6 6:19pm
        I had a new hip last Oct 2010 and it was a metal ball, and I THINK I'm doing OK with the replacement. Still have LOTS of numbness and understand I could have that a long long time. Are you sure your... more
        • Nancy/could you have one jam, Tue Sep 6 6:48pm
          of the DePuy's that were defective? My neighbor had a DePuy in June 2010 and when she heard about this recall stuff, she called her surgeon right away and they told her NO it's not one of the... more
          • Depuy THRNancy, Wed Sep 7 11:14am
            Thankyou for all who responded to my post. I'm new to this site, so, hopefully, I am posting in the right spot. Yes, Jam- I currently have a large head MOM (metal on metal) Depuy replacement, and it... more
      • I have......Micnelle, Tue Sep 6 2:40pm
        a ceramic on crosslinked polypropylene that I received last Feb. It's been working like a gem, no problems whatsoever. However, I also have a large head MOM that I received 4 years ago on the other... more
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