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I have......
Tue Sep 6, 2011 2:40pm

a ceramic on crosslinked polypropylene that I received last Feb. It's been working like a gem, no problems whatsoever.

However, I also have a large head MOM that I received 4 years ago on the other side that has also performed flawlessly since the surgery.

I'm not sure how much contacting a lawyer can help you. If you are sensitive to the metals that they used for your first THR, then there's really no way of predicting this. I know that some use allergies to jewelry as benchmarks, but from what I understand, this is a poor indicator as to metal allergies.

  • Depuy trilock THRNancy, Tue Sep 6 2:29pm
    Hello, my name is Nancy and I am 55 yrs. old. Though I have been following along, somewhat, on this site, I have never posted. Due to osteoarthritis, I had a Depuy trilock replacement surgery done,... more
    • Nancy re- Lawyersmary, Wed Sep 7 1:05am
      Nancy, I really hope all goes well for you this time, however I don't see how contacting a lawyer is going to help, the surgeon couldn't have predicted you were going to be this sensitive to Metals.... more
      • dealing wth legal stuff is horrific jam, Wed Sep 7 12:14pm
        for sure, but if the parts were of the defective ones, that sure sounds like a legal thing to me. There is info on this site on the 93,000+ recalls and legal info. Adding legal pain is makes things... more
        • FDA stamp of approval jam, Wed Sep 7 12:37pm
          the FDA is a necessary agency, but so much that they approve do turn out to be damaging to our bodies; drugs, apparatus, etc....Just a thought there on the FDA.
        • It's the Dupuy.....Micnelle, Wed Sep 7 12:27pm
          ASR system that was recalled, not the trilock. Different systems. The Dupuy trilock has a 98% success rate. Why are you advocating something that a quick google will tell you what the recall is? The... more
          • Whoops.....Micnelle, Wed Sep 7 12:33pm
            my bad....I didn't find a trilock recall when I went looking. Maybe I missed it. However, the OP needs to deal with her hip problems first and foremost. She does not need to be dealing with lawyers... more
            • Re: Whoops.....Julie, Sun Nov 23 12:21am
              98 percent success rate...not 100.. so 2 percent of patients who have a trilock hip are not worth the time.And as far as legal advice why would anyone tell someone to not worry about it unless you... more
    • Nancy/so sorry to hear all this jam, Tue Sep 6 6:19pm
      I had a new hip last Oct 2010 and it was a metal ball, and I THINK I'm doing OK with the replacement. Still have LOTS of numbness and understand I could have that a long long time. Are you sure your... more
      • Nancy/could you have one jam, Tue Sep 6 6:48pm
        of the DePuy's that were defective? My neighbor had a DePuy in June 2010 and when she heard about this recall stuff, she called her surgeon right away and they told her NO it's not one of the... more
        • Depuy THRNancy, Wed Sep 7 11:14am
          Thankyou for all who responded to my post. I'm new to this site, so, hopefully, I am posting in the right spot. Yes, Jam- I currently have a large head MOM (metal on metal) Depuy replacement, and it... more
    • I have...... — Micnelle, Tue Sep 6 2:40pm
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