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Nancy/could you have one
Tue Sep 6, 2011 6:48pm

of the DePuy's that were defective? My neighbor had a DePuy in June 2010 and when she heard about this recall stuff, she called her surgeon right away and they told her NO it's not one of the recalled models...she's doing pretty good with her posterior but deals with lots of other OA issues....and and some RA. She's 83, I'm 73 so we're much older than you too. It's the first for both of us. Mine is a Smith and Newphew total hip with metal ball.

  • Nancy/so sorry to hear all this jam, Tue Sep 6 6:19pm
    I had a new hip last Oct 2010 and it was a metal ball, and I THINK I'm doing OK with the replacement. Still have LOTS of numbness and understand I could have that a long long time. Are you sure your... more
    • Nancy/could you have one — jam, Tue Sep 6 6:48pm
      • Depuy THRNancy, Wed Sep 7 11:14am
        Thankyou for all who responded to my post. I'm new to this site, so, hopefully, I am posting in the right spot. Yes, Jam- I currently have a large head MOM (metal on metal) Depuy replacement, and it... more
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