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Depuy THR
Wed Sep 7, 2011 11:14am

Thankyou for all who responded to my post. I'm new to this site, so, hopefully, I am posting in the right spot. Yes, Jam- I currently have a large head MOM (metal on metal) Depuy replacement, and it has been re-called. Also, just received my bloodwork results back, and both the chromium and the cobalt levels are out of the ballpark! I had my thyroid level checked by my primary MD, and it is within the normal range. My Ortho MD is the one who asked me if I had, had any rashes or hair loss. I told him, that. I figured the hair loss was a result of all this stress I have been under. Much pain, along with all of the other symptoms. I used to be a very active person, and this was the reason, my Ortho MD, chose this type of implant, to begin with. Told me it was "higher end", and made for "younger, active people", like myself. He told me that, with this type of implant, I would be able to continue my snowmobiling, hiking, etc. On my last visit- after seeing my X-rays, and my bloodwork results, I was asked, "How would you like it, if we just go in there, and take that part out of there?" I am also scheduled for a hip aspiration, before the surgery, to check for any infection. Unfortunately, I do feel I need to get a lawyer, as the implant I received, IS defective.

  • Nancy/could you have one jam, Tue Sep 6 6:48pm
    of the DePuy's that were defective? My neighbor had a DePuy in June 2010 and when she heard about this recall stuff, she called her surgeon right away and they told her NO it's not one of the... more
    • Depuy THR — Nancy, Wed Sep 7 11:14am
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