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Wed Sep 7, 2011 12:33pm

my bad....I didn't find a trilock recall when I went looking. Maybe I missed it.

However, the OP needs to deal with her hip problems first and foremost. She does not need to be dealing with lawyers while she is in pain.

  • It's the Dupuy.....Micnelle, Wed Sep 7 12:27pm
    ASR system that was recalled, not the trilock. Different systems. The Dupuy trilock has a 98% success rate. Why are you advocating something that a quick google will tell you what the recall is? The... more
    • Whoops..... — Micnelle, Wed Sep 7 12:33pm
      • Re: Whoops.....Julie, Sun Nov 23 12:21am
        98 percent success rate...not 100.. so 2 percent of patients who have a trilock hip are not worth the time.And as far as legal advice why would anyone tell someone to not worry about it unless you... more
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