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Dana Mears & Shadyside Hospital
Mon Jun 18, 2012 8:56pm

Dana Mears is suppoed to be an excellent surgeon. He replaced my friend's knee and she is very happy. However, he makes two incisions for hips which makes more of a chance for infection. Several of my friends and acquaintances have gotten infections at Shadyside Hospital.

Did Dr. Mears do your first left hip? I would like to speak to you. If you would like to talk to me, you can e-mail me and leave your number or I will give you mine. I live half in Pgh. and half in Ft. Lauderdale. I like Magee Hospital but I like a Dr. In Florida. Since I was a nurse I am very cautious and have been researching this for several years.

I am not in a great deal of pain but I limp and my knee hurts. Lately, I have been taking pain meds so it may be time to have a THR.
Would love to hear from those who have had both anterior and posterior THRS or anterior without the Hana Table!

  • Re: How to post a questionJust me, Mon Jun 18 6:31am
    I had a minimally invasive right hip replacement last April. All went well. then last October had extensive bone grafting and left hip revision surgery. After three dislocations, I developed a wound... more
    • brand of hiphiphiphoray, Thu Jul 21 10:39am
      hi, I had 2 total hip replacements in 2012 by Dr. Mears, does anyone know what brand of titanium hips he uses??
    • Dana Mears & Shadyside Hospital — Eileen, Mon Jun 18 8:56pm
      • Dana Mears Disasterguy, Tue Apr 4 7:21am
        On January 2015 I had a THR of my left hip. It was an outpatient appointment. Well, one of the incisions was made across a large existing scar that would not close up. I mentioned about the incision... more
        • Mears DisasterMike F, Wed Apr 5 11:29am
          Guy - So sorry to hear about your misfortune with Mears. I too had a bad outcome with him. He trapped my Lateral Cutaneous Femoral Nerve during MIS-2 THR in May of 2012. I went to 6 Ortho - Doctors... more
      • Dana Mears, M.D.Ann, Tue Jul 9 9:18pm
        I had a right minimally invasive hip replacement done by Dana Mears, M.D. I not only got two major incisional infections that required hospitalization, it was also revealed during a CT scan for the... more
        • Shadyside HospitalEileen Winkler, Tue Jul 9 10:40pm
          Hi, Sorry to hear about your problems My friend had 2 knees done at separate times by Dr. Mears with no problems. However, I had four friends get infections after surgery. One was knee, Dr. Graf.... more
          • Dana Mears, M.D.Ann, Wed Jul 10 7:52pm
            Eileen, Thanks for your kind words. Yes, Dr. Mears caused the fracture during my surgery. I spoke with a close friend of mine who is a judge and he advised me to keep my appointment with Dr. Mears... more
            • Dr. Mears, etcSusan, Fri May 23 10:24am
              Ann, I had a very similar outcome fractured femur & also lost 7 pints of blood during the surgery. I had a very prominent, world-renown surgeon who never admitted any wrong-doing nor did any other... more
              • dr mears ectphil from long island and virginia, Fri Jul 22 6:03am
                hi Susan. sorry about your problems. I too went to "renowned" doc in 1994 bilat same day, 2006 rt revision,2008 left dont do much ,no work, they are so week and pain spikes too often.... more
            • Bad surgery performed by Dana Mearsmike felsoci, Thu May 22 10:29am
              Dana Mears severely stretched my femoral nerve during MIS hip surgery when I never should have had this type of surgery. I'm looking for a good lawyer to file a lawsuit. Does any one no of good... more
            • questionEileen Winkler, Tue Oct 22 12:34pm
              Hi, Who is your new Doctor? My friend had two knee replacements and they were fine. Sorry that this fracture happened. Eileen
            • replyEileen Winkler, Wed Jul 10 8:59pm
              Hi, I would like to know to whom you are going now. You can call me 412-241-0421 or e-mail at I've read that with a small incision it's hard to place sometimes.Don't know why he... more
              • Hip Replacement-momPatti, Mon Oct 21 10:51am
                My mom has been in terrible pain since end of would not approve MRI until she had point is how would therapy be determined without prognosis. She has pain that seems to be ... more
                • anteior THREileen Winkler, Tue Oct 22 12:46pm
                  Anterior Hip replacement is now being done at Allegheny General on a Hana Table by Dr. Soterianos and Dr. Huebner. Also at Monongahela Hosp. by Dr. Ari Pressman. Both in PITTSBURGH, Pa. Supposedly,... more
                  • Willow BarkPatti, Tue Oct 22 1:29pm
                    Do you feel that the supplement is helping you?
                    • answer to PattiEileen Winkler, Wed Oct 23 7:45am
                      Yes, the Pain RX I take only as needed helps my hip pain. they are brown smelly pills that you take after eating with one glass of water. 2 pills one to 3 times per day. I have only taken them once... more
      • hip replacementsashley, Thu May 2 10:13am
        hello my brother is having both hips done next month by dr mears and i am wondering if you heard anymore about this or if you ended up having yours done... thanks!
      • Eileen....Linda Bloom, Tue Jun 19 9:39pm
        Dr. Mears did my second hip replacement....and I only have one incision. It's located at the crease of my groin. I was up and walking 3 hours after surgery...out of the hospital in 2 days. So sorry... more
        • Re: Eileen....Eileen Winkler, Wed Jun 20 5:55pm
          DR. Mears must have changed his approach! Eileen phone 412-241-0421 I know of a Norman Bloom
          • Eileen...approachLinda Bloom, Thu Jun 21 10:42am
            Yes, he must have. I assumed he'd be using the two incision procedure, but only have one....way up high in the thigh in the groin area. I tried sending you an e-mail, but not sure if it went thru.... more
            • e-mailEileen Winkler, Tue Oct 22 12:29pm
              Hi, Linda I didn't get your e-mail but I read your post. If and when I have THR it will probably be with Stephen Naide MD in Ft. Lauderdale where I spend the winter. He does anterior hips. My e-mail... more
            • Re: Eileen...approachEiloeen, Thu Jun 21 7:28pm
              My e-mail is phone 412-241-0421 I live in Churchill. Went to Allderdice. i clicked on your name but no address comes up. At present I have been taking a herbal med with willow bark ... more
      • Shadyside HospJust me, Tue Jun 19 7:34am
        How have the people that got an infection @Shadyside recovered? Hopefully they are all ok. Getting the infection has changed my life drastically. I am recovering, but very slowly. Also, living... more
        • answerEileen Winkler, Wed Jun 20 6:05pm
          Hi, Yes everyone who had an infection got better. It took my friend with knee replacement a long time. She was sent to Rehab with an infection and had to go back to the hospital. She has scleraderma... more
        • Just memary, Tue Jun 19 11:30pm
          I had a similar thing happen to me but thank god I didn't get an infection... I had hip one, put in at age 37... 8 years later, all I needed was a new liner, (simple) right? no after that surgery it... more
          • InfectionJust me, Wed Jun 20 6:00am
            Thank you Mary. As I have said before, finding this site has really helped me cope. It gives one strength knowing others are enduring similar experiences.
      • anterior/posteriorDianne in Colorado, Mon Jun 18 11:49pm
        I have had one posterior THR 7 years ago and an anterior ( on Hana table) 2 1/2 years ago. There was not all that much difference. Short term recovery was easier with the lack of restrictions on the... more
        • I concurMicnelle/Michelle, Sat Jun 23 11:33am
          My THR 5 years ago was an anterior. Last year, posterior. The greatest difference was in the first few weeks after surgery. By about 6 weeks, IMO there really was no difference.
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