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Fri Oct 14, 2016 8:34pm

I just thought I would check with all of you regarding having an mri. I have fluid in knee in opposite side of the hip replacement. I am going to see ortho after 6 weeks of pain. If he wants an mri of my knee, is it ok or not? I have a bfh metal on metal hip. Thank you

    • MRIsarah, Sat Oct 15 8:45am
      Do you mean is it safe, given that you have an artificial hip? I know that when I've had MRIs, since hip replacement, the tech always asks about my history, and whether I have an artificial joint,... more
      • Re: MRIEaf, Sat Oct 15 3:45pm
        Thank you. I am still hesitant to do an mri, I have never had one and figured a cat scan could work? I have asked about having a blood test to check metal levels but they said since I am not having... more
        • MRIsarah, Sat Oct 15 3:56pm
          What are your concerns about the MRI? I don't know that a CAT scan is any safer. If you're having pain in the hip, that seems reason to get a blood test for the metal levels. Have you asked the... more
          • MriEaf, Sat Oct 15 4:25pm
            Thanks again for the quick reply. I am not having any issues with the hip at this time. It's my knee giving problems. I haven't been to the ortho yet to see what's wrong with my knee yet. I am just... more
            • MRisarah, Sat Oct 15 4:30pm
              Oh, I get it. Well, I had a metal on metal and had pain and that led me to get my blood tested, and found the levels were through the roof. I ended up getting a revision. I'm sure I had an MRI after... more
              • Re: MRiEaf, Sat Oct 15 4:38pm
                I called ortho office about a dental procedure to see if I needed antibiotics and then asked the ortho nurse about a blood test. She's the one that said not to worry about metal levels if I am not... more
                • There are only a few labsMichelle, Sun Oct 16 2:20pm
                  that have the capability to do cobalt and chromium levels, and special precautions need to be taken prior to taking the test. Along with Sarah, I really would suggest that you push your orthopod to... more
                  • MriEaf, Thu Oct 20 1:58pm
                    I just wanted you to know that I didnt have to have an MRI cuz ortho looked at X-rays from knees. I need a new knee. Somewhat down about that, so forgot to ask about the metal levels being tested. I... more
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