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No Subject
Sun Oct 16, 2016 11:36am

Hi All,
Thinking of you and wanted to wish you all a happy holilday season.
I hope Joan you are doing better by now.

I was wondering if you guys find that after having THR that you started having trouble with your other leg. For example being limited in walking and then having pain in your good groin of other leg. or pain behind the knee of leg that was not done.

I saw mm orth and had him take an xray of the other hip and he said it wasnt that. Wondering if its just Arthritis or other leg just feels it now that I have this THR of a year.

    • I would suggest.....Michelle, Wed Oct 19 11:58am
      that you have your orthopod give you a prescription for physical therapy, preferably one that does a good gait analysis. I'm guessing that you have some muscle weaknesses that you have not addressed, ... more
      • yeahsarah, Thu Oct 20 9:27am
        Yeah, as usual I have to say: What Michelle said. I had the same with both my first hip and my the revision of it---the first time around I even had a stress fracture in the opposite foot, from gait... more
    • I'm worse off in many ways caroline2, Mon Oct 17 4:24pm
      It's 6 yrs post op with Anterior and so much of my body is worse off. Advancing OA and I've done so much work and still do to keep walking and DO NO Knee surgery. I use a cane sometimes and walk with ... more
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