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Dr. Crutcher
Tue Mar 14, 2017 12:27pm

Does Dr. Crutcher have very competent associates in his practice? I ask because he is 58 years old and I need a surgeon who will be practicing for many years down the road. Does anyone know anything about the other surgeons in his practice? Thanks.

    • Swedish Orthopedic HospitalJoanBllt, Wed Mar 15 3:34pm
      this website gives a list of varied orthopedic providers for the First Hill Orthopedic Hospital. It includes Michelle's surgeon who by his picture looks to be in his 40's.... more
      • Thanks Joan, MichelleKathleen, Tue Mar 21 11:32am
        Thanks for your input. Having had 2 revisions, I need a more experienced OS who has seen a lot. I'll probably try Crutcher - he's at least 10 years older than Downer, although Michelle's experience... more
        • I can't vouch for Crutcher.....Michelle, Wed Mar 22 11:06am
          as he was not my surgeon. The reason why I went with Downer initially was that he also does PAOs for dysplasia. I had PAOs that needed to be revised to THRs, so I figured that someone who was good... more
          • pretty impressiveKathleen, Mon Mar 27 3:06pm
            Downer curtailing his skiing weekend to take care of you says a lot. He's definitely an OS worth holding onto. And it's a good thing he's only around 50. Thanks.
          • hip stuffJoanBllt, Wed Mar 22 11:28am
            Dr. Crutcher did my knee in 2012 and has monitoring my hip since 2005. He was my referral from the hip revision in '94 done at Stanford Hospital(CA) by Dr. Woolson - skilled but a bit arrogant. My... more
      • Downer is probably.....Michelle, Thu Mar 16 3:21pm
        pushing 50, if not older. That picture is one of a younger Downer - he is now greying. He is still a hunk though! However, the OP needs to realize that a young person is not going to have the... more
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