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Biomet MoM
Sun Sep 10, 2017 2:50pm

I have had 2 Biomet hip replacements one in October 2o10 and the other in May 2011. I have no concerns and get checked by my surgeon every 2 years. With all the hysteria on this subject I would like to here from people who have no issues for a change. I ski 20+ days a year skiing moguls, steeps and powder, hike, play tennis, and cycle 50-100 km at least twice a week. Hope to here from some people that have had no issues and encourage one another. So far the MoM was a great decision.

    • MOMMichelle, Sat Sep 16 7:21pm
      I had a MOM installed in 2005, that performed perfectly until it got infected in 2011. When the joint was removed, the surgeon said that he saw no signs of metallosis in my tissues. In fact, the... more
    • hip replacementEileen Winkler, Mon Sep 11 4:22pm
      I had LTHR 3 yrs. ago. I was told no waterskiing. Snow skiing is allowed. But I am now 76 so I bike and do light hiking. Just curious, how old are you? Did you have metal on metal? Eileen
      • THR MoMalan.houghland, Tue Sep 12 11:08am
        Hi Eileen I have 2 MoM THR Biomet Magunum the hips replaced 7 and 6.5 years ago when I was 58 ....I am now 65 and will be skiing Whistler 20-30 days this coming season...I ski moguls,... more
        • THREileen Winkler, Wed Sep 13 9:19pm
          Hi, I'm guessing you are Canadian. I skied at Whistler and fractured my arm. They kept my credit card to charge me even though I had two insurances and told me it was not broken. REfused to take an... more
          • Canadianalan.houghland, Thu Sep 14 1:07am
            Sorry to hear about your experience at Whistler.....I truly believe we have the best medical system in the world. The USA should have such a system that works for all its people not the for profit... more
      • Metal on metalalan.houghland, Tue Sep 12 1:05am
        I am 65 years old and do you have two metal on metal Biomet magnum plus… No adverse reaction after seven years… But have concerns with all the negative press on metal on metal… I ski and do... more
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