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Sun Oct 15, 2017 6:00pm

I had my first hip replacement in 1976- In 1994, I had a revision of the cup which gave me back mobility. Symptoms of failure were pain and some limping for about 3 months prior.

This last year has been a bummer - apparently I developed an infection (strep) in that revised hip - and had a debridement surgery last August(2016). I spent a month in rehab - the infection worsened and had another debridement surgery in Sept. I went home to recuperate since the rehab center was so depressing.
The infection still did not yield to daily infusion of antibiotics(keflexone) and the whole prosthesis was removed in April of this year. It took several months and continued infusion to get rid of the infection. In mid September, I had the prosthesis replaced. I am still using a walker, but I should be off of it in a month. I am exercising and looking forward to driving again. By the way, I am 79 and still want to move - right now I have to depend on my kids to give up time to get out and I find it difficult.

I suppose it depends - but I really want my independence back - maybe I'm too stubborn or in better general health but I went thru all this to be able to move. Oh, I had a knee replacement in 2012 on the so called good leg.

Just another point of view -

  • 7 yrs post Anterior Hip Replacementtrafford813, Sat Oct 14 7:35pm
    I have NOT been here for a while as life took me in another direction. Trying to save myself from a knee replacement, all due to hip replacement mess, I ended up with staph infection for injections... more
    • THR's — JoanBllt, Sun Oct 15 6:00pm
      • Re: THR'scarol from canada, Fri Nov 10 9:42pm
        Hi Joan, I haven't been on this site in a good number of years. I just checked tonight to see if there were any familiar names around and saw your posts. I'm so sorry to hear about all you've been... more
        • into RecoveryJoanBllt, Sun Nov 12 4:35pm
          Had the full hip replacement in September and working thru the recovery phase - able to do a lot but still limited a bit by orders to go slower for best bone health. Champing at the bit to drive and... more
      • getting exhaustedtrafford813, Sun Oct 15 10:20pm
        I was very strong and active and still went to gym into my 60's and then the arthritis just took over more and more. Those 4.5 months in rehabs(3) was a nightmare. And as a neighbor said, they are... more
        • Background.Joan Bollet, Thu Oct 19 3:59pm
          I guess my drive towards independence is just very strong - plus the daughter that lives with me tends to become patronizing . I repeat, she lives in my house but her tendency to talk down to me... more
    • forgot to mentiontrafford813, Sat Oct 14 7:46pm
      From the Anterior hip job, I still have lots of IT band damage and probably 80% of thigh is numb. Doctor I feel did a sloppy job on me and he came highly recommended.
      • one more thoughttrafford813, Sat Oct 14 8:09pm
        while in hospital and going to start on 2 months of abx IV drugs, the surgeons chose to do a "clean out" of knee (arthroscopic) and I swear it made things worse. Then I've read in recent weeks, a lot ... more
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