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Joan Bollet
Thu Oct 19, 2017 3:59pm

I guess my drive towards independence is just very strong - plus the daughter that lives with me tends to become patronizing . I repeat, she lives in my house but her tendency to talk down to me means I really fight to be as independent as possible.

Yeah, my car insurance took a crazy leap this year - but to just go where I pleased where now I have to make arrangements in advance, This week, I complained because I had not been out of the house except for Doctor visits since the mid September surgery. We then went to the fabric store where she told what trim I should like. That wasn't what I wanted.

I do mention that if you can get to an aqua therapy class nearby that it might aid in alleviating the worst of the arthritis. Movement in the water does not have some of the weight problems of land exercise and the pool therapy participants are generally friendly and outgoing.

As far as rehab facilities, so many of them have severely restricted patients that it is depressing. I spent a month only in a rehab place - and some of the treatment may have contributed to the nasty infection I had.

I'm sorry if I sounded so righteous. We can only deal with the hand we're dealt and yours is worse than mine - my apologies.

  • getting exhaustedtrafford813, Sun Oct 15 10:20pm
    I was very strong and active and still went to gym into my 60's and then the arthritis just took over more and more. Those 4.5 months in rehabs(3) was a nightmare. And as a neighbor said, they are... more
    • Background. — Joan Bollet, Thu Oct 19 3:59pm
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