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Re: Revision Hip surgery
Sun Jan 7, 2018 7:24pm

You really are going to have to discuss this with your surgeon to see if your body can deal with the rigors of surgery. If no one will operate on you, this is pretty much a moot point.

If your body can handle it, then I would. But you are in an unusual situation.

  • Revision Hip surgeryNicholas Melbourne, Tue Jan 2 2:43am
    I am 90 years old.Had a Partial Hip Replacement(HEMIARTHROPLASTY) in1998.The Ball of the RHS femoral was smashed after a nasty fall.The Thompson?brand solid metal prosthesis was cemented in.It is... more
    • Re: Revision Hip surgery — Anonymous, Sun Jan 7 7:24pm
    • Re: Revision Hip surgeryAnonymous, Tue Jan 2 5:08pm
      you might want to check the Queen Mum. She had two hip replacements in her 90s. I am only 79 - had four hip surgeries last year - 2 debridement for an infection, then removal for several months and... more
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