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Hip fracture
Wed Jan 24, 2018 10:53pm

First - is your disability because of the hip fracture? or is it a separate condition?

You had the hip repaired thru using a medical device to reduce the fracture. You still have the original thigh bone and hip joint. Have you had followup visits with the original orthopedic surgeon? Do the x-rays show bone healing? Can you tolerate physical therapy now after the bone has repaired itself? There are many questions that have to be answered before you try to move ahead.

If you are not getting the answers from your local orthopedic surgeon, you may have to seek help at a learning hospital orthopedic surgical unit.

I did have a partial revision of my hip done quite sometime ago (1994) at Stanford hospital by a specialist connected with that hospital. If you are not getting answers locally you might want to check there for their best surgeon.

I am somewhat dismayed by the minimal physical therapy- but it possible after checking with the doctors that more might be helpful?

Pain is a warning of a problem - I think you need to ask more questions of your medical people. or get new ones if the answers are unsatisfactory.

  • hip ORIFdaryushbhai, Wed Jan 24 12:42pm
    i am a 63 year old disabled senior. on november 11th 2016 i fell backwards and broke my hip. dr. cahill of stockton ca alpine orthopeadics dis an ORIF. i have had minimum PT due to pain and weakness. ... more
    • Hip fracture — joanbllt, Wed Jan 24 10:53pm
      • hip fracturedaryush, Wed Jan 24 11:51pm
        my disability is not because of the hip fracture. I was disabled since 1994 for severe clinical depression. I became sedentary and just sat. I developed spinal stenosis and a cervical herneated disc... more
        • I just saw your post now and just returned from the warm poophil from long island and virginia, Fri Jan 26 7:12pm
          I am sorry for how you feel. I had both replaced in 1994 and had revision in 2006 on right and revision on left 2008. This after my complaints of something feeling wrong.. I am on diss since 2001 and ... more
          • hip painphil from long island and virginia, Sat Jan 27 10:18am
            I just read my post I sent last night and I didnt write what I wanted to say and that was If doing any exercises and there is pain dont do them. Not muscle pain and you have to distinguish between... more
        • Depression is an enemy joanbllt, Thu Jan 25 12:46am
          Have you been treated for the depression - this, what you call laziness, is a symptom of the depression. Have you spoken to your doctors about this. There are medications that can help - you and the... more
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