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hip fracture
Wed Jan 24, 2018 11:51pm

my disability is not because of the hip fracture. I was disabled since 1994 for severe clinical depression. I became sedentary and just sat. I developed spinal stenosis and a cervical herneated disc before that. then the cervical disc seemed to heal with time but I got compression in the thoracic area. that led to stenosis and more weakness. you could call me very lazy because I am. I just don't feel like doing anything. mentally I can wriggle thru somehow, but physical pain is different for me to handle.
the surgeon sent me to PT but being lazy I did minimum of it. ilm expecting it to heal as my neck did. the surgeon said (in the latest is healing there is no necrosis ,just do more PT. being lazy and depressed, I never went. I am going to see him next week and get another session of PT arranged. I understand that I need to work this out with effort. but the weakness and pain while doing PT is so great, I shudder at the thought of it.
the surgeon is very stoic by nature and does not give me positive vibes. he says it sometimes never gets better. I am going to get this next session of PT and tell them to make it lengthy but easy, so I can endure the pain. resting all the time is the only time I am without pain. movement causes pain. it's just that I am giving time a chance, but I think I may need to step up a bit and face the music, or die of pain, if not.
comparing the state I was in when I fell, I was not able to take a single step without support. now since the last two to three months, I have started to feel some change and limp like an ape when I walk, but I still force myself in spite of the pain.
it is not extensive walking, but just in my apartment to do chores or go to the toilet.
I know I have a plate and screws in my leg,(upper thigh) but when I visit him next I will ask of the proper term and type of surgery and hardware, and let you know.
he has not done a hip replacement. it was called an ORIF.
thanks for being helpful.,
until later,

  • Hip fracturejoanbllt, Wed Jan 24 10:53pm
    First - is your disability because of the hip fracture? or is it a separate condition? You had the hip repaired thru using a medical device to reduce the fracture. You still have the original thigh... more
    • hip fracture — daryush, Wed Jan 24 11:51pm
      • I just saw your post now and just returned from the warm poophil from long island and virginia, Fri Jan 26 7:12pm
        I am sorry for how you feel. I had both replaced in 1994 and had revision in 2006 on right and revision on left 2008. This after my complaints of something feeling wrong.. I am on diss since 2001 and ... more
        • hip painphil from long island and virginia, Sat Jan 27 10:18am
          I just read my post I sent last night and I didnt write what I wanted to say and that was If doing any exercises and there is pain dont do them. Not muscle pain and you have to distinguish between... more
      • Depression is an enemy joanbllt, Thu Jan 25 12:46am
        Have you been treated for the depression - this, what you call laziness, is a symptom of the depression. Have you spoken to your doctors about this. There are medications that can help - you and the... more
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