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phil from long island and virginia
I just saw your post now and just returned from the warm poo
Fri Jan 26, 2018 7:12pm

I am sorry for how you feel. I had both replaced in 1994 and had revision in 2006 on right and revision on left 2008. This after my complaints of something feeling wrong.. I am on diss since 2001 and now im just doing enough to get by without severe pain but am uncomfortable most times. I have to be careful how I cough ,sneeze. I know I dont want to sit in a chair , so work in a chair I wont do. Im broke ,so far enough to pay bills and food and a bit for some entertainment,which means some booze, internet tv and my health club which is 69 per month which has a steam room, pool and all the stuff we cant do besides the pool and steam. Im so sorry ,I wish I can help. I feel like a loser, but just forcing myself to move ,it feels better when im leaving. Then I go home, like now,I seem to feel ok but still alone, but not as cranky as far as moving , getting up out of my chair. which is a recliner electric up and down I can be crippled with a wrong move , but after two or three episodes of a sneeze rendereing me bed bound for a couple of days,I now am so careful in turning in bed, how I sit, how long it will take me to do a certain task ect.. . Im now afraid of doing a fix again until I cant walk anymore
Also, Im on ssdi since 2001 for depression and failed hip replacements... I have been with this site for many years and it too has become lonely take care phil

  • hip fracturedaryush, Wed Jan 24 11:51pm
    my disability is not because of the hip fracture. I was disabled since 1994 for severe clinical depression. I became sedentary and just sat. I developed spinal stenosis and a cervical herneated disc... more
    • I just saw your post now and just returned from the warm poo — phil from long island and virginia, Fri Jan 26 7:12pm
      • hip painphil from long island and virginia, Sat Jan 27 10:18am
        I just read my post I sent last night and I didnt write what I wanted to say and that was If doing any exercises and there is pain dont do them. Not muscle pain and you have to distinguish between... more
    • Depression is an enemy joanbllt, Thu Jan 25 12:46am
      Have you been treated for the depression - this, what you call laziness, is a symptom of the depression. Have you spoken to your doctors about this. There are medications that can help - you and the... more
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