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phil from long island and virginia
hip pain
Sat Jan 27, 2018 10:18am

I just read my post I sent last night and I didnt write what I wanted to say and that was If doing any exercises and there is pain dont do them. Not muscle pain and you have to distinguish between them. Something is wrong and might not show on xrays.

  • I just saw your post now and just returned from the warm poophil from long island and virginia, Fri Jan 26 7:12pm
    I am sorry for how you feel. I had both replaced in 1994 and had revision in 2006 on right and revision on left 2008. This after my complaints of something feeling wrong.. I am on diss since 2001 and ... more
    • hip pain — phil from long island and virginia, Sat Jan 27 10:18am
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