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Barb L.
Broken stem
Wed Mar 21, 2018 5:24pm

My doctor informed me today after x-raying my right hip that I have a broken stem in that hip replacement. Original surgery was January of 2002. I handled both of my hip replacements left and right very well years ago but I am scared about the broken stem revision. Has anyone had to have this and is it worse than the original surgery

    • better or worse joanbllt, Thu Mar 22 1:10am
      It depends = I had to have the whole prosthesis removed last April and because it had been done so long ago, the cement was very hard. The Orthopedic surgeon had a very difficult time removing the... more
      • Femur problemsOld Goalie, Fri Mar 23 4:48am
        I was in the experimental years of 2006/2010 when comanies were putting in untested metal on metal balls, liners and stems. After my 3rd total hip replacement in 5 years, ,pay surgeon broke every... more
        • Re: Femur problemsAnonymous, Sat Mar 24 11:06pm
          Wow I'm kind of sorry I asked. Sorry you had such problems. I'm thinking positive and hoping that the revision surgery will be somewhat like the first surgery. I've been trying to find the positivity ... more
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