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Old Goalie
Femur problems
Fri Mar 23, 2018 4:48am

I was in the experimental years of 2006/2010 when comanies were putting in untested metal on metal balls, liners and stems. After my 3rd total hip replacement in 5 years, ,pay surgeon broke every drill, saw etc trying to remove everything but the stem. Unfortunately everything was welded together as one solid unloveable piece. Cutting out my femur stem and replacing it required about 6 metal bands around my femur where they had sliced it open from my knee to the hip ball. This require 3 months in bed with no weight bearing and a plastic liner replaced along with a much smaller ball. The law suit is coming to a conclusion, but itís been 10 years of living on Hydromorphone, all because companies thought metal on metal would be indestructible, despite never testing it on humans prior to launching. Thank .God they are now banned around the world but still a lot of people with high metal levels despite not having pain.. I remember the pain after the surgeries and how physio just compounded the problem. Swimming is the only thing I can do without severe pain. I feel fo everyone with hip problems as so often you the patient are seen by the drs as the reason for your pain. When they put in inferior untested products. I had to retire at 50 and had to take a medical retirement. I canít imagine being forced to try and work through 3 hip replacement surgeries. God bless those struggling through theirs

  • better or worse joanbllt, Thu Mar 22 1:10am
    It depends = I had to have the whole prosthesis removed last April and because it had been done so long ago, the cement was very hard. The Orthopedic surgeon had a very difficult time removing the... more
    • Femur problems — Old Goalie, Fri Mar 23 4:48am
      • Re: Femur problemsAnonymous, Sat Mar 24 11:06pm
        Wow I'm kind of sorry I asked. Sorry you had such problems. I'm thinking positive and hoping that the revision surgery will be somewhat like the first surgery. I've been trying to find the positivity ... more
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