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bone window
Wed Apr 11, 2018 2:27pm

On a me too basis. when infected stem was removed, surgeon had to cut window in bone, then wired patch to femur. Also he broke a sonic drill in the process - first for him -.

  • Removal of stemMichelle, Wed Apr 11 12:38pm
    My stem needed to be removed during my infection. The surgeon cut a window in the bone to get it out, then wired the window shut around the spacer. I suspect your surgeon is going to do something... more
    • bone window — joanbllt, Wed Apr 11 2:27pm
      • I knowMichelle, Thu Apr 12 1:26pm
        that the surgeon had a bitch of a time getting my stem out too. His PA told me after the surgery that when they set up the tools for my surgery, he had never, EVER seen so many tools compiled in one... more
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