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Hip replacement question!
Mon Jun 25, 2018 10:48pm

Hi all! It's been awhile since I posted! Hope you are all
I wanted to know if any of you can not lie in the side you had a total giprepkacement. I had my the in 2015 and can never do that! I am very protective of that spot also! Yesterday I went to visit
visit in car for 5 hrs total.

    • Sleeping on my sideMichelle, Sun Jul 1 6:02pm
      or sitting in a car has never been a problem. I do get stiff and it takes time to get my feet under me, but usually not a problem. The only thing that DOES cause me issues is that the area around the ... more
    • THR and comfort joanbllt, Tue Jun 26 2:45am
      Several years after the first THR, the sensitivity about lying on my side diminished. With the recent surgeries last year, I am back to favoring that side and avoiding lying on it. I think that it... more
      • 8 yrs Post Op soon For AnteriorJoyce , Mon Jul 2 2:40pm
        and No can't sleep on that side. Still reminded every day of the complications I live with from the Anterior. Knee, foot/ankle. Surgeon would love to replace knee, BUT I so fear any more knives. Now... more
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