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Pain after physical activity
Thu Jul 26, 2018 11:53pm

I think, my dear, even though your dr gave permission, that youíve just plain overdone it! Iím sorry to say that (& itís just my opinion...btw, Iíve had 8 - yes, EIGHT!!😳 total hip surgeries). Those muscles (among the biggest in the body!) are disconnected & reconnected during surgery & they take quite a while to get back to where they were prior to being ďdisturbedĒ. I hope you havenít done any damage that some rest wonít remedy. My suggestion would be to rest your hip a few days (or more...) & then see how you feel. In the meantime, Iíd also highly advise letting your dr know what occurred ASAP. Good luck! Youíll be in my prayers🙏

  • Pain After SurgeryHips@22, Thu Jul 26 2:44am
    Hi everyone, I donít know if this is the right forum for me but here goes. I had double hip surgery to fix a slight deformity no one ever noticed. Iím six months post op and Iíve been doing great...... more
    • You overused itMichelle, Sun Aug 5 12:39pm
      Unlike pre surgery, any increase in activity will cause pain. You need to very gradually work your way up, and to pay close attention to signs of discomfort because you have gone over the line.... more
    • my thoughtstrafford813, Fri Jul 27 6:41pm
      You did over do it. I too am 8 yrs out from THR (One) and so many regrets...but that's me. You say you had a slight deformity no one ever noticed...did this keep you from doing your life? That is a... more
    • Pain after physical activity — Lynda, Thu Jul 26 11:53pm
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