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hope no infection
Sun Jul 29, 2018 11:39am

I just came out of a horrid infection from knee mess due to hip replacement. I OFTEN think how would I be if I had NOT done the replacement period. My life has so changed and not what I wanted it to be. Long story and too much to write.

Two friends now living with two hip replacements are worse off too in many ways, both use rollater and have these new parts....grrrrrrrrrrrr

The body does NOT like to be cut. Sorry for more dismals...but finding happiness with all this is difficult.

    • dismal lifting joanbllt, Sun Jul 29 12:02pm
      Happily this morning my dismal is lifting a bit. The soreness in my hip has lifted. the doing too much was possibly a factor - wanted to put something away and tried to kneel- didn't work - so may... more
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