Is Mars habitable?
Sun Oct 4, 2015 3:07pm

Donald, 18 years ago when I argued that the salts found in the soil by viking could allow liquid water to exist on the surface of Mars, you called me an idiot. I believe your exact words were: "only an idiot would believe there is liquid water on mars, only an idiot". Remember that? I do. And now you want to argue about how much water there is? LOL. I personally don't care how much water there is. Whether there is a vast underground ocean, or a bathtub full per square mile of soil, I really don't care.

For almost two decades I have argued with you about the habitability of Mars. I have never once argued that the creatures in the images I post are real, I've only argued about the scientific possibility of them being real. NASA settled that argument at the press conference. Present day Mars is habitable. You just lost every argument you have had with me in the last 18 years.
Over the years you have insulted me, insulted my family, and you've sent offensive e-mails to my home computer You sit on your high know-it-all horse and bully and abuse anyone who doesn't think just like you. You should be ashamed.
An apology would be a good start. But like another Donald that has been in the news lately I don't expect you to apologize, or admit you were ever wrong about anything. But that's OK, we both know the truth. I expect you will delete this post and block me from posting like the other times I've pointed out your failings, but that's OK too, I'll just re-post it to the martianlifeforms.com forum. I have a feeling it's going to get busy over there soon.

Tim Beech

  • Is there life on Mars?algorithms, Sun Oct 4 7:58am
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    • Is Mars habitable? — tbeech, Sun Oct 4 3:07pm
      • Not very busyalgorithms, Sat Nov 7 6:14pm
        Sure doesn't look like the "Martian Lifeforms" forum has gotten particularly busy. The only posts there are your own. Just checked on your YouTube video and I guess it's going viral at 19 views...LOL
      • Re: Is Mars habitable?algorithms, Sun Oct 4 7:50pm
        Only an idiot would think those obvious rocks on Mars are living creatures, only an idiot. For the record, I've never called anyone an idiot for believing that small amounts of liquid water are... more
        • Good gawdalgorithms, Sat Oct 24 2:16pm
          I just saw Tim Beech's YouTube video where he runs around proclaiming that obvious rocks on Mars are shells with animals in them. I had hoped he was long past this childish nonsense, but apparently... more
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