Re: Is Mars habitable?
Sun Oct 4, 2015 7:50pm

Only an idiot would think those obvious rocks on Mars are living creatures, only an idiot.

For the record, I've never called anyone an idiot for believing that small amounts of liquid water are ephemerally possible for very short periods of time on Mars. But until now we've not found direct evidence for this. In fact, here is a quote from me from April 11, 2011:

"Frankly, I think that it's entirely possible for liquid water to appear briefly and ephemerally on the surface of Mars. I even think it's possible that there are liquid water aquifers beneath the surface. But we haven't actually found anything yet we can unequivocally declare as liquid water. This fact, alone, speaks to how unspeakably dry the red planet is.";article=56526;search_term=liquid+water

And here is another quote from me on June 22, 2010:

"I personally believe that liquid water may be hypothetically possible for very brief periods of time in rare, well-protected mirco-environments. But actually detecting its occurance will remain elusive for decades to come. To date, we cannot state conclusively that we have found a single drop of extant liquid water on Mars.";article=56279;search_term=liquid+water

This most recent discovery is entirely consistent with what I've been saying for decades. And, one key point, they didn't actually observe liquid water, they observed hydrated minerals which suggest the intermittent and ephemeral presence of liquid water.

Your problem Tim is that you selectively listen and you have trouble distinguishing real and imagined content. This, of course explains why you think simple and obvious rocks on Mars are living creatures.

  • Is Mars habitable?tbeech, Sun Oct 4 3:07pm
    Donald, 18 years ago when I argued that the salts found in the soil by viking could allow liquid water to exist on the surface of Mars, you called me an idiot. I believe your exact words were: "only... more
    • Not very busyalgorithms, Sat Nov 7 6:14pm
      Sure doesn't look like the "Martian Lifeforms" forum has gotten particularly busy. The only posts there are your own. Just checked on your YouTube video and I guess it's going viral at 19 views...LOL
    • Re: Is Mars habitable? — algorithms, Sun Oct 4 7:50pm
      • Good gawdalgorithms, Sat Oct 24 2:16pm
        I just saw Tim Beech's YouTube video where he runs around proclaiming that obvious rocks on Mars are shells with animals in them. I had hoped he was long past this childish nonsense, but apparently... more
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