Water Ran Out
Wed Oct 28, 2015 9:35am

Curiosity drilled a hole, this GIF compares the before and after: ... >then water washed and out ran down hill.

    • Re: Water Ran OutJim, Mon Nov 9 4:55am
      Residual Clue
    • No...algorithms, Sun Nov 1 8:53am
      ....that's not what happened.
      • something happened Jim, Mon Nov 2 2:47am
        you tell me what happened so I can say "no".
        • another perspectivealgorithms, Mon Nov 2 5:46am
          Here is another view from a different perspective of the same scene. What you believe to be wet soil is merely disturbed surface dust caused by the vibration of the grinding, nothing more. The... more
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