Richard Fusniak
R.I.P. Al Staley
Fri Apr 8, 2016 4:15pm

It is with sadness to learn that Al Staley recently passed away after a 2 year illness battling with lung cancer.

Al was a very down to earth, no nonsense man and would not hesitate on bluntly telling anomaly hunters what he thought of them and their perceived wacky views. Al was keen to keep up with science and the latest discoveries about Mars and the Solar System.

I got to know Al at a deeper level and saw the warm and friendly side of him. We would often make Skype contact and he invited my son to visit him in the States when touring the world. We were going to make contact via our amateur radio hobby but never got round to it.


    • Re: R.I.P. Al Staleyalgorithms, Fri Apr 8 6:04pm
      So sorry. I enjoyed Al's intolerance of nonsense so very much. Obituary Albert was born on February 11, 1958 and... more
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