New evidence of where life might exist on Mars
Fri Jul 15, 2016 2:10pm

Exactly what I have been saying for several decades now...

New evidence of where life might exist on Mars

Life could exist in isolated pockets beneath the surface of Mars, according to Alfred McEwen, principal investigator of NASA's HiRISE high-resolution camera aboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. While they would most likely be primitive microorganisms such as bacteria, it would still be proof of life outside of our own planet.

"Life subsists deep underground on Earth, and on Mars, if you go a kilometer deep, there are surely still pockets of water," he said.

"Given the complexity of planetary crusts, the evidence for geologically recent water raised to the surface, and the geothermal gradient that should be warm enough for water," explained McEwen, "if life ever existed on Mars, why wouldn't it persist in at least isolated pockets underground? That's what I think is likely to exist on Mars in terms of life today. I still don't think it's habitable right at [the] surface, given the radiation and that the water is transient and very salty."

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