Sat Aug 11, 2018 12:22pm

Good friggin' Gawd Gary! You still only have 13 signatures! You got only about two weeks to gather 99,987 signatures!!! That's about 6,666 signatures a day! Get off your fat you-know-what and scarf up some "john henrys" Gary!!!! Time's a wastin'!

  • Please support the Dr Gil Levin's Martian Revelation Life Validation campaign! PLEASE SIGN THE WHITE HOUSE PETITION.... NOT BE SHY!!... more
    • Oh Wellalgorithms, Wed Aug 29 7:07pm
      The ""The NO SHIT SHERLOC Campaign! apparently left an unpleasant deposit anyway. The Petition is now "closed" with but 13 signatures, perhaps the worst in White House Petition history. Yet, the... more
    • Only a few hours left!algorithms, Sun Aug 26 6:54am
      Gary, you've got till midnight tonight to collect 99,987 signatures on your petition. Hope springs eternal - so does foolishness.
    • Geeeez....Leweeeze! — algorithms, Sat Aug 11 12:22pm
    • sorry to sayJim, Sun Jul 29 3:26am
      This seems to be urinating vertically on a twisted hemp fiber cord. (i sighed anyway)
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