Juan Boca
Ha! the germantown academy is weenees
Tue Nov 17, 2015 14:08

so ju gize at germantown, ju don unnderstan

so lemmee splain it to you, mein

hear is the thing

ju talk all this smak but ju don wanna back it up

but ju no, i talk a lot to

difference is
i gon back it all up that for got dam shor

ha! boca is back!

  • Hola Noviembre 5, 2015Juan Boca, Thu Nov 5 14:09
    Wassup ju vendejos? i trying to beeleev why ju gon have to have this website still in the 2015. i mean is like what you don know about these otter fancy web in sites? and i mean its been like 5 year... more
    • Ha! the germantown academy is weenees — Juan Boca, Tue Nov 17 14:08