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Cory was THE one meant to be The President! M.Roxas next!?
Sat Aug 8, 2009 18:44

Contrary to the common view, it was not Ninoy who was meant to be the Philippine President, while his wife, Cory, only his reluctant substitute. It was actually her, Corazon Sumulong Cojuanco, who was destined to be the President afterall. Let me explain why.

All Philippine Presidents after Marcos had some connection with a past President: Ramos was Marcos' cousin; Erap's brother was a classmate of Ramos and it was said that Erap ocassionally visited Ramos's house as a child (that's why he had a temporary visit to Malacanang!); Gloria, of course, is a daugther of a former President. So how about Cory?

Cory's grandfather, Juan Sumulong, ran as the Vice-President candidate under Aguinaldo for the first commonwealth Presidential election, while Aguinaldo himself ran for President against Quezon. Sumulong then ran for THE PRESIDENT against re-electionist Quezon but it was reported that he got sick during that period and died after the election. Therefore, it was fate that brought his granddaughter Cory to continue where he left of. In other words, contrary to common view, Ninoy was just a sacrificial lamb necessary to propel his highly reluctant wife to fulfill her destiny, to be the President of the Philippines.

In the same token, I've come up with some strange and curios discoveries and analysis that strongly tend to indicate Mar Roxas - who has not yet chosen his Vice President candidate and who currently stand only at around 4 to 5th place in most surveys - to BE the next President. But I cannot reveal them until after the election so as not to disrupt the natural scheme of things...

-the pinoy prophet

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