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current presidentiables warning
Sun Jan 3, 2010 05:06

Please heed my questions or post it in your forum. This is question is for every voter out there.

How true?
1. That Gibo is the boyfriend of GMA and GMA is the sweetheart of Gibo?
2. That both Manny Villar and Gibo are the candidates of GMA?
3. That the notorious trapos are planted by GMA to join the Liberal party to stain and destroy the credibility, honesty and credibility of Noynoy Aquino and Mar Roxas?
4. That the members of Pag-ibig and many others were doped by Manny Villar's Camella Homes which concrete walls are crumbling like "Ampao" after a couple of years?
5. That Manny Villar became rich no by selling shrimp but by catching a very rich two legged shrimp?
6. That Manny Villar did not become rich through sipag at tiyaga but by tuso and taga?

These are just question that have to be answered.. no more no less.

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