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Thu Sep 1, 2011 16:13

Binay is the clear frontrunner. Between Chiz or Jinggoy, I think Binay will choose the former as VP. A Binay-Escudero ticket is a formidable one. The only problem is that Chiz isn't eyeing the VPship. A Binay-Jinggoy tandem is not to shabby either. Best case scenario, albeit a long shot: Binay is talked out of running due to old age (he will be 74 years old in 2016) and would instead endorse and throw his support to a Chiz-Jinggoy ticket under the NPC/PMP. Yes, Chiz going back to NPC after defecting is not such a bad idea.

A Mar Roxas-Kiko Pangilinan LP ticket at this point (2011) makes the most sense in terms of winnability. But a lot can happen in five years.

It's hard to write about a power vacuum within the Nacionalista Party because it is back to being irrelevant after Villar's dismal defeat, his subsequent lost of political appetite coupled with mass defections after the May 2010 elections. Bongbong Marcos may be able to breathe some life back if he decides to use the party as a vehicle for a presidential campaign. His father won the presidency in 1965 as a member of the party. My only concern is that the NP's center-right slant may remind people of the late dictator with the same name, which incidentally will be Bongbong's biggest liability. I don't know that a second President Ferdinand Marcos is in the cards, but I don't think that stops Bongbong (who's so full of potential)from trying. A Marcos-Escudero for the young voters sounds nice, but for the older ones who were around, it sounds eerie and downright unacceptable.

So let's sum it up: Roxas-Pangilinan for the LP. Marcos-Escudero (assuming Chiz agrees to slide down) for the NP sounds good, even an Escudero-Marcos tandem sounds intimidating. Binay-Jinggoy for the NPC/PMP will give any ticket a run of its money.

But like I said, a lot can happen and watch out for Gibo Teodoro who may have lost, but have gained plenty of admirers and more importantly, credibility which can translate to a lot of votes.

Exciting times.

  • election 2016Anonymous, Wed Jun 9 20:20
    Now the election is over and Binay defeated Mar, Senator Chiz thinks is ready for 2016. Well he is wrong, Roxas is not the man to beat on the 2016 election! dapat siyang tumingin sa norte at sa... more
    • 2016 — redrod, Thu Sep 1 16:13
    • BONG BONG BONG!!!Rumpledforeskin, Tue Jun 7 01:31
      Chiz en bred.. Vino yes- Binay no.... basta kami ni bossing ERAP- BONG! BONG! BONG!! Bongbong MArcos and Bong REVILLA - Presiden and Bays Presiden 2016!! Poreber!! Ayoshhhhh!!!!
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