Management Company for small condo in Manhattan
Thu Jul 16, 2009 15:03

Does anyone in the Village/Chelsea/Murry Hill area have a good management company recommendation for a small condo? We've reached out to some companies and their minimum fee is $30K/year.

We're looking for a great company willing to service our smaller condo (20 units) for a reasonable price that is doing an excellent job for other buildings in the area. All help appreciated.

    • Management Bill, Mon Aug 24 18:21
      Bren Management is an excellent company. Their number 1-212-681-1602. It just so happens that their president has a video on the front page of this website.
    • Management litehouse321, Sun Jul 26 21:09
      Hi Steve we have a phenomenal company who does terrific management. The company's name is David Eisenstein Real Estate. I know they manage buildings in your area. Our building is 24 units and their... more
      • Boardtalk Board Help, Sat Aug 1 08:51
        The purpose of the site is to assist board members with their co-op and condominium building's. I do not believe the site is intended to be used for self promotion or negative statements. Clearly,... more
    • Call Impact d willis, Thu Jul 23 23:00
      Call Impact Management We have a 14 unit coop in NYC. They are great.
    • Blue Woods Steve-Inwood, Sat Jul 18 10:07
      Hi Steve, We use Blue Woods up here in Inwood and they have a 28th Street office too. We like them a lot. Not sure if they have a minimum fee. Call Don Wilson (owner) or our Manager, Justin, to get... more
    • Manhattan Condo Mark Levine, Fri Jul 17 08:26
      I'm Mr. Manager in the blog section of the site. The company that I own has a division in the city with an office on Bond Street. If you e-mail me I'd be happy to give you more specifics. Mark
      • Re: Manhattan Condo Anonymous, Mon Jul 20 07:23
        Try contacting Ira Meister at Matthew Adam Properties, Inc.(212) 699-8900 They do a great job in managing our building and very professional.
    • management Co. for small Condo ann, Fri Jul 17 05:52
      There are companies who start at $15K plus charge per unit. Habitat do an annual report around Jan. each year and it lists management companies and their pricing policies not all are listed. $30K is... more
      • management co abb, Mon Jul 27 07:38
        We're in the middle of a search for a new managing agent ourselves. One of them told me the range was usually $500 - $900 per unit. So for 20 units, you ought to be able to find under $30k! We're a... more
        • Veritas Property Management cb, Tue Jul 28 06:36
          We maanage a number of coop & condos in the West & East village, our minimum is $1000 per month or $12,000 per year, we are based in the upper west side and would be happy to talk more to you about... more
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