Pets...DOB laws
Sun Feb 14, 2010 08:00

We just passed a House Rule that there can only be three pets to an apartment. In our research we discovered that there are NYState laws protecting pet owners who had pets before rules were passed. They are automatically granfathered in...
also in this law, if anyone has a NEW pet for more than three (or six, I cant remember) months -- and no one complains, it is automatically granfathered in. This is all on the NYState DOB site... This law was passed due to landlords harrassing tenets (usually elderly) who would rather move than part with their pets. As uncomfortable as it is, if you feel strongly about this issue and your neighbor gets a new pet -- you have to turn him/her in. (I own three pets) PS: Pets make happier neighbors: VP

  • Doggies justwondering, Sun Feb 14 00:51
    I live in a co-op with a no pet policy. However, permission was granted to those who had small dogs before we all became residents of this newly built coop back in 2004. However, lately, I'm seeing... more
    • Doggies Bob, Sun Feb 14 09:03
      As you stated you have dog policies but do/will not enforce them, here lies your problem. You either address the issue or forget it. In my Coop we have so called "house rules" but they mean nothing... more
    • Pets...DOB laws VP, Sun Feb 14 08:00
      • Doggies justwondering, Sun Feb 14 13:54
        I say sensitive to act, because kids at some point in their growing years will pester their parents for a dog.
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