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Joseph D
Renegade Coop Board President
Sun Feb 14, 2010 09:16

I have ben living in a Coop Sherwood Village b ,this is one of the most incompetent people I have been with in my entire life so far ,they are unable to understand the word progress ,they believe in arnachy and dictating to others which had led to many financials disaster in our coop ,The Coop secretary is too busy making financials decision rather than concentrated on Coop files and making the bylaw is followed to it's principle,nobody is perfect in this world but the stupidity in my coop is beyond the norm of any human being.Our Board President cannot even managed the coop meeting let alone make a decent decison he thinks he own the coop making all decisions unilaterally and we as shareholders have to deal with the consequences,At the present we are trying to get the politicians who care enough to help us find a solution to eradicate the socio path of egotistical maniac ruinning everyone else investment,It does not matter who our managemnt company is anyone come in into our coop realized on the first day that they are dealing with a bunch of morons.So they decided to take full advantage they even made up falsify financials statement,they cannot tell the shareholders what happen with our tax abatement taking over the years but our coop secretary is driving a BMW with our coop money.

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